Lot # 30: 1949 JBR 13 San Francisco Seals Yakyu Shonen Uncut Sheet--16 Cards Including 12 Seals Players

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JBR 13 is one of a number of late 1949 issues that features cards from the San Francisco Seals Tour of Japan. This tour was one of the first peacetime goodwill exchanges between Japan and the U.S., and as a result, this tour was highly anticipated.

This uncut sheet of sepiatone cards, produced by Yakyu Shonen magazine as an insert, features all of the Seals players from the complete 48 card set, along with four Japanese players. The players found on the sheet include:  (top row, left to right) Hiroshi Oshita (HOF), Tokuzo Harada, Shigeya Iijima, Yutaka Tagawa (2nd row, left to right) Leroy Jarvis, Al Lien, Con Dempsey, Cliff Melton (3rd row, left to right) Roy Nicely, Jimmy Moran, Frank Shofner, Gene Brocker, (bottom row, left to right) Dick Lajeski, Reno Cheso, Jack Tobin and Dario Lodigliani.

Size: Each card if cut from the sheet would be 1 11/16" x 2 1/2". The uncut sheet is 7 1/8" x 10 1/8"

Condition: The sheet contains a long vertical crease affecting the Harada, Lien and Moran cards and a diagonal crease at the lower right corner. Technically, there is also a small missing piece at the upper right corner, but it is well outside the dotted line right border of the Tagawa card, and therefore does not affect the condition of any of the cards on the sheet. Also, a small stain on the Iijima card front and a few minor stains on the back. However, most Seals cards would still be Nm/Mt if cut from the sheet.

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