Lot # 72: 1960 JBR 6 Marusho 1st Prize Winner Sheet (80 cards)--Complete Set & Dupes--Multiples of Oh (HOF)

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A complete JBR 6 set contains 66 cards. This uncut sheet of 80 cards, originally a first prize on a JBR 6 display sheet contains the complete set plus 16 duplicate cards. 20 of the 66 cards in the set depict Hall of Famers/Golden Players including Sadaharu Oh (2 diff.) Shigeo Nagashima (3 diff.), Tadashi Sugiura (2 diff.), Isao Harimoto (2 diff.), Wally Yonamine (Hawaii), Shinichi Eto, Kenjiro Tamiya, Motoshi Fujita, Yoshinori Hirose, Katsuya Nomura, Kazuhisa Inao, Yasumitsu Toyoda, Minoru Murayama, Tetsuya Yoneda and Yoshio Yoshida. Moreover, there are also cards of Joe Stanka, Mike Solomko and Chico Barbon. As a bonus, there are a total of three Oh cards on this sheet, as one card is duplicated. This is a great way to begin a collection of the greatest stars of 1950s and early 60s Japanese baseball.

Size: Each card is 15/16" x 1 1/2". The uncut sheet is 12 x 9 3/8".

Condition:  Mild creasing at upper left and right corners affecting only two common player cards. Two very mild stains on the back affecting only two cards—one common and Murayama (HOF). Nearly all other cards would be Nm/Mt or better if cut from the sheet.

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