Lot # 65: c. 1959 JCM 38b Marusho Two Bat Back Menko--Shigeo Nagashima (HOF) Possible Rookie

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The JCM 38b set depicts members of the Giants and Lions, 1958 Japan Series opponents. Backs for JCM 38b are identical in style to JCM 38a, which is definitely a 1958 issue. Fronts for JCM 38b differ from JCM 38a in that they have white borders. Otherwise, the front image is the same between issues, except that in JCM 38b, the player’s uniform number is printed in parentheses between the team name and player name.

1958 uniform numbers are used on JCM 38b cards. However, the 1958 Japan Series ended on 10/21/58. Moreover, bordered "tobacco style" menko first became common in 1959. Therefore, it is possible that the JCM 38b set was issued at the beginning of 1959, rather than at the close of 1958. This distinction is important because 1958 was Shigeo Nagashima's rookie season. Possibly someday, we will have a definitive answer as to the year of issue of JCM 38b. For now, in good conscience, we can only describe the card as "possible rookie".

Size: 1 13/16" x 3"

Condition: Mint (hand cut) with 70/30 off-center top to bottom on the front, and 25/75 o/c left to right on the back.

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